Company Background


Prota Therapeutics is an Australian, proprietary limited, privately-held biotech company established in 2016 to develop and commercialise novel combination probiotic allergen oral immunotherapy treatments.  Prota holds an exclusive licence to the patented probiotic food immunotherapy technology, developed at the MCRI. Series A funding of AUD $15m was secured from OneVentures, a leading Australian venture capital investment firm (OneVentures’ Healthcare Fund III) – including $5M from the Australian Commonwealth Government Biomedical Translation Fund – as well as private investment.  This has enabled Prota to advance their clinical trial program, develop scalable cGMP product manufacturing processes, and initiate discussions with regulatory agencies in the lead up to a planned large-scale pivotal Phase 3 efficacy and safety trial for the PRT100 peanut allergy treatment. 

Prota Therapeutics has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.